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Unleash your creativity while indulging your love for South Park with our exclusive South Park Fidget Pen. Crafted for fans who appreciate both style and functionality, this officially licensed merchandise from Football Heaven is the ultimate accessory.

Featuring iconic South Park characters embossed on its sleek exterior, this pen isn’t just about writing—it’s a statement piece that adds personality to your everyday tasks. But what sets it apart is its unique fidget function. With a satisfying click mechanism and smooth spin, this pen offers a tactile experience that’s both calming and enjoyable.

Whether you’re jotting down notes, sketching, or simply fidgeting during meetings, the South Park Fidget Pen is designed to enhance your writing experience while showcasing your love for the irreverent humor of South Park.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this must-have collector’s item. Shop now at Football Heaven and add a touch of South Park flair to your daily routine.

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Product features:

  • Funky Fidget Pen with a removeable Kenny
  • Kenny can move up and down and also spins around
  • Ballpoint pen with black ink
  • Fidget approx 3.5cm x 3cm
  • Pen approx 15cm
  • On a backing card

Official Licensed Merchandise

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