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Are you looking for some unique and fun gifts to buy for your Friends-obsessed friends and family? If you live in Australia or are visiting this beautiful country, you are in luck! There are many Friends licensed gifts that you can find online or in stores that will make any fan of the iconic sitcom happy.

Friends is one of the most popular and beloved TV shows of all time, with millions of fans around the world. The show follows the lives and adventures of six friends living in New York City: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross. The show is full of hilarious jokes, memorable quotes, heartwarming moments and relatable situations that have made it a cultural phenomenon.

If you want to surprise your Friends-loving friends and family with some amazing gifts that celebrate their fandom, here are some ideas for you:

Friends Monopoly: This is a must-have for any Friends fan who loves board games. This edition of Monopoly features locations and themes from the show, such as Central Perk, Joey’s apartment, Ross’ museum and more. You can also choose from six custom tokens inspired by iconic items from the show, such as Phoebe’s guitar, Rachel’s handbag, Chandler’s sweater vest and more.

Friends Trivia Quiz: This is a great gift for anyone who thinks they know everything about Friends. This trivia quiz book contains over 600 questions that test your knowledge of the show’s characters, episodes, quotes and facts. You can challenge yourself or play with your friends to see who is the ultimate Friends fan.

Friends Mug: Nothing beats a cup of coffee or tea while watching your favorite episodes of Friends. Why not make it even more special with a Friends mug? You can find various designs and styles online or in stores that feature logos, quotes or images from the show. For example, you can get a mug that says “How you doin’?” like Joey’s famous catchphrase, or a mug that looks like the one from Central Perk4, the coffee shop where the friends hang out.

Friends T-Shirt: If you want to show off your love for Friends wherever you go, a Friends t-shirt is a perfect choice. You can find many options online or in stores that suit your taste and personality. For example, you can get a t-shirt that says “I’ll be there for you” like the theme song of the show5, or a t-shirt that has pictures of all six friends together. You can also get a t-shirt that has one of your favorite quotes or jokes from the show.

Friends Keyring: A keyring is a small but thoughtful gift that can make anyone smile. You can find many Friends keyrings online or in stores that are cute and practical. For example, you can get a keyring that has a picture frame like Monica’s door, or a keyring that has an umbrella like the one from the opening credits. You can also get a keyring that has one of your favorite characters’ names or initials.

These are just some examples of Friends licensed gifts to buy in Australia for your friends and family who love this amazing show. There are many more options available online or in stores that will suit any budget and occasion.

If you want to make someone happy with these awesome gifts don’t wait any longer! Order them today before they run out!

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